Early morning departure from Ankara  On the way The first site will be the 13th century "Ağzıkarahan" Caravanserai built by Seljuk Turks.  After Lunch in Caappadocia in a local restaurant (free). visit the "Göreme Valley" the land of earthen pyramids, stone dwellings, rock chapels and monasteries painted with colorful frescoes.  visit the site of  Paşabağ Valley.. Drive to your hotel – Overnight – (D)



After breakfast drive to kaymaklı underground  city & Natural Citadel of Uçhisar
If time permits  visit a local store where you can find  local handcrafts.
Drive to  Nevsehir Airport  for your  Istanbul Flight  for  International  flight connection

On private basis  (SS 80 USD)

01- pax …………….1.181  USD      12-19  pax (per person)..  250 USD 
02  pax…  per person   450  USD     25-31  pax (per person)..  220 USD
03-06 pax per person    400  USD



Rates include
  1. 01 night Hotel accomodation in Cappadocia ( ****) on HB basis  ( breakfast and Dinner )
  2. 2 lunches  in local restaurant
  3. Museum entrences
  4. Professional licenced   English Speaking Guide
  5. Transportation according to the size of the group  ( Ank-Capp-Nevşehir)
  6. Nevşehir – İstanbul  Domestic  airline ticket  to Istanbul
Rates Exclude
  1. International flight Ticket
  2. Personal expenses
 Early morning transfer to Ankara Esenboğa airport  meet by your guide at Istanbul  Airport. Transfer to the Hotel. Free time until afternoon.

 A Cruise on the Bosphorus -  Half Day in the afternoon

A poet once described the Bosphorus as "God's beautiful calligraphy written by an ink made of sapphires".

This straıt, separating (and connecting) two continents that form the two faces of the city, takes its name from a mythological legend. Ever since those ancient times, it has marveled people with its beauty.

The cruise of the Bosphorus will start at Kabataş pier and while cruising along the Asian and European shores, you will be surprised to see the harmony of Ottoman and modern architecture; as well as having an opportunity to see the major highlights of the city's fairy tale-like skyline from the sea.

Along the cruise, you will pass by;

  • The Rumeli Fortress; Built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.
  • Ortaköy; A very famous area for handicrafts and nightlife.
  • Bebek; It was a popular wealthy residential district under the Ottoman rule, and continues to be so today.
  • Beşiktaş; Commercial district of the new city.
  • Dolmabahçe; Magnificent 19th century palace, which had been the home of the Ottoman Sultans in the last century of the Empire.
  • Çıragan Palace; This magnificient marble palace, built by Sultan Abdulaziz, was designed and constructed by the Balyan family between 1863 and 1867. Today, it serves as luxury suites for the five star Kempinski hotel.
  • Kızkulesi (Maiden's Tower); An ancient lighthouse, which has inspired many legends.
  • Yalı / Wooden Houses of the Wealthy: Houses constructed immediately waterside in Istanbul and usually built with an architectural concept that takes into account the characteristics of the coastal location, mostly dating from 19th century.
  • Beylerbeyi Palace; One of the largest, most lavishly furnished 19th century summer residences of the Ottoman Sultans.
    A short visit to the Spice Market is the surprise of the tour. In this oriental shopping area, where you experience the vibrant pulse of Istanbul at its best, rare spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits, live animals, flowers are sold. (Aphrodisiacs are available too!)


    Departure from your hotel in the  morning 

    The Hippodrome has been a center for sports and entertainment in the old Constantinople, the Roman capital; as well as a very important political center for politics, as sports and politics were closely knit in these times. No wonder that the Hippodrome has been a starting point for revolts and political movements throughout history. Echoes of cries by slaves riding chariots in ferocious races; and the passionate words of intellectuals and poets that lit the flame of public movements are still reminiscent, to those with a powerful imagination.

    Ayasofya / The Haghia Sophia
    The "Shrine of Holy Wisdom", the marvelous Byzantine basilica built in the 6th century Marks the true beginning of the golden age of Justinianus, the conqueror of Africa and Italy, who achieved lasting fame through the complete revision of all Roman law, resulting in what is known today as the Corpus Juris Civilis.
    The domed construction of the sanctuary is an architectural innovation; and was so richly and artistically decorated that Justinian proclaimed, "Solomon, I have outdone thee!". Mankind would have to wait millennia before being able to built a cathedral that would surpass the gigantic size of Haghia Sophia. It was converted into a Mosque following the Ottoman conquest of the city, by the order of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in 1453; as the young Sultan fulfilled a divine premonition by the Holy Prophet Mohammad himself.
    In 1935 the building was converted into a museum, by the executive order of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey.

    Grand Bazaar
    The largest and the most attractive covered bazaar in the world; where people have been trading diamonds, carpets, food, perfumes, and, even gossip for centuries! Tour also includes a short demonstration of Turkish rugs.

    Sultan Ahmet Camii / The Blue Mosque
    It was the dying wish of Sultan Ahmet, who perished at a young age ın the 17th century, due to a disease, to finish the mosque so that his name would live forever. It is called the Blue Mosque by visitors who fell in the love wıth the delicate designs of Ottoman tiles that decorate the walls of the shrine. The floral patterns of the tiles, as well as the well-lit, capacious internal spaces are a testimonial of the eternity of the soul.
    Lunch will be served a at a local restaurant.


    Topkapi Palace
    The Topkapi Palace had been the Imperial residence of the Ottoman Sultans from the 15th to the 19th century. Its design, initially devised by Sultan Mehmed himself and then enhanced by Sinan, hides clues of both the rituals and the structure of Ottoman hierarchy and the running of state affairs.Home to the imperial treasury and the cabinet, as well as being the site of the barracks for the Janissaries, the elite of the army, every corner of the palace tells of the splendor of the Ottomans.
    Apart from the priceless treasury, a distinguished collection of Chinese porcelains, holy relics, sultan's costumes and imperial weaponry are exhibited in different sections of the palace.

    Rustem Pasha Mosque
    A 16th century Ottoman Mosque, which was built in the name of the treasurer and the son-in-law of Suleiman the Magnificient, before he fell out of the Sultan's favor and removed from service.
    It is known to host the best examples of handmade Iznik tiles, in both interior and exterior walls; and, of course, it is seated on a complex of shops, which will give you a taste of the city's vivid local colors.

      Transportation by air conditioned vehicles.
      Fully escorted by an English speaking tour guide.
      Admission fees.
      Ankara-Istanbul domestic airline ticket

    • Drinks and all personal expenses.

    Please note that the Spice Market is closed on Sundays.

    • Cancellation can be done a night before for half day morning and full day tours in Istanbul and 4 hours prior to afternoon tour avoid penalty, otherwise full tour rate will be charged.

    • Children 11 and younger receive 50% discount.for the tours


    DBL PP: 330 USD….  Tour on regular basis
    Single Supplement : + %30

    Rates include

    1. 01 night Hotel accomodation in Istanbul ( ****) on BB basis  ( breakfast )
    2. 1 lunch  in local restaurant
    3. Museum entrences
    4. Professional licenced   English Speaking Guide
    5. Transportation according to the size of the group 
    6. Ankara-Istanbul  domestic airline ticket

    Rates Exclude

    1. International flight Ticket
    2. Personal expenses

    HALF DAY IZMIR Dep: 13:00 PM   RET: 15:30 PM
    Early morning transfer to Ankara Esenboğa airport. /   Meet at İzmir and transfer to your hotel
    in the afternoon  drive to visit the ancient AGORA, ascend to MOUNT PAGUS once called the "Crown of Smyrna". Visit ALEXANDER THE GREAT’S CASTLE over looking the city of Izmir. Then visit the ARCHAEOLOGICAL Museum. Those wishing to visit the bazaar will be left near the entrance.


    DAY 2: İZMİR-EPHESUS / İSTANBUL Dep:  10:00  AM    RET: 18:00 PM

    Drive to EPHESUS. Visit the HOUSE OF THE VIRGIN MARY where she supposedly spent her later days. Proceed to Ephesus and see the spectacular ruins some of which have recently been excavated. See the ODEON, the BOULETERION, FOUNTAINS, the TEMPLES, the BROTHEL, the LIBRARY, the AGORAS, the GREAT THEATRE, the ROMAN BATHS, the GYMNASIUMS. After lunch visit the ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM (if opened after the restaurations), the TEMPLE OF ARTEMIS (one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world) and ST JOHN BASILICA. (Lunch included)
    Drive to  İzmir Airport  for your  Istanbul Flight  to International  flight connection

    Per person 650 USD……..tour on regular basis
    Single Supplement : + %30

    Rates include

    1. 01 night Hotel accomodation in İzmir ( ****) on BB basis  ( breakfast)
    2. 1 lunch  in local restaurant
    3. Museum entrances
    4. Professional  licenced   English Speaking Guide
    5. Transportation according to the size of the group 
    6. Ankara-İzmir -İstanbul  Domestic  airline ticket   

    Rates Exclude

    1. International flight Ticket
    2. Personal expenses



    Early morning departure from Ankara  Your first destination will be antique city of Perge, which is the oldest church of small Asian Christians, which was also visited by Apostle Paulus during a mission visit. You may never forget the remains of city gates and the oval shape of the stadium. Then you’ll see Aspendos, which is the best-preserved antique theatre. Aspendos is a theatre with a 15000-seat capacity, a high quality acoustic and is still a venue for various plays.

    Perge Archaeological City
    17 km from Antalya city center. east of Aksu is located within the boundaries of Perge, not only in the region, is one of the regular Roman town in all of Anatolia.
    Besides the architecture is famous marble sculpture. Since 1946, Istanbul University, carried out by excavations removed the important monuments to light the city center, it has become uncovered statue finds thanks to the Antalya Museum in the distinction of being one of the world's richest Roman sculpture museum.

    Aspendos Archaeological City
    Antalya-Alanya highway, 44 km of the road turning north from sin since Located 2 km Aspendos, just come to the best preserved of all Roman Mediterranean world of Anatolia is famous for not having a theater.
    City, area Köprüçay of the largest rivers (Eurymedon) was founded in the hills near the plain. BC 5. Name of the century referred to as Estvediys minted. Anatolian origin of this name is proof that inhabited the city in ancient times.


    After breakfast drive to You will depart for a half day trip to explore the city of Antalya, the focal point of the Turkish Mediterranean. 

    Our first stop is “Kaleici”, which means "inner castle" in Turkish. Careful conversion of old houses into dwellings has subsequently maintained the original appearance of these fine buildings. The impressive Roman structure of Hadrian’s Gate was built by citizens of Antalya to commemorate the visit of the Emperor Hadrian in 130 AD.  The Gate was made of marble and originally had two stories. It has three arched entranceways separated by piers with Corinthian columns in front of each.  The Yivli Minare (The Fluted Minaret) which became the symbol of Antalya, is part of a 13C Seljuk period medrese and mosque complex.

    Antalya was established in the second century BC by the King of Pergamum Attalos II on the northernmost edge of the Gulf of Pamphylia, at the bay where todays harbour is situated. The harbour was chosen because it didn’t accumulate silt and because of the freshwater resources nearby. The city was encircled with city walls in the century following its establishment. There are many gates built along the city walls leading to the harbour. The most imposing gate was built in the name of the Roman emperor Hadrian, who visited Antalya in the 2ndcentury. The gate still stands today.

    Per person …650 USD    tour on  private basis 
    Single Supplement : + %30

    Rates include

    1. 01 night Hotel accomodation in İzmir ( ****) on HB basis  ( breakfast and Dinner )
    2. 2 lunches  in local restaurant
    3. Museum entrences
    4. Professional licenced   English Speaking Guide
    5. Transportation according to the size of the group  ( Ank-Antalya)
    6. Antalya – İstanbul  Domestic  airline ticket  to Istanbul

    Rates Exclude

    1. International flight Ticket
    2. Personal expenses